Where do you find passion?



It’s 10:44pm in Brooklyn and I am back in my hotel room after finishing an amazing session on how to hear the voice of God. 

As, I prepared for bed I began to reflect on the events of that evening. A conversation that I had with an interesting young man stood out to me.  He shared a vision he had and I remembered how excited I was to talk with him about his prophetic journey. 

Another student, during a break in sessions, shared his frustration that he was unable to receive or hear from God. As we worked together I recall how his eyes lit up when he realized that he had been hearing God all along.

After class, I encountered a young woman when leaving the sanctuary.  God had me encourage her that where she had felt lost and alone, God was setting her up for a tremendous victory.

As I pat my face dry with a towel, I catch my eye in the mirror and take note of what I see. I am completely content in the midst of doing what God has called me to do.  I realize that I am so truly happy. I see the flame glint in my eyes and I pause and just hang there for a while. I feel this tremendous joy well up on the inside of me and I can hear God saying, “We did well today!”

God chooses to reveal to me passion not at the end of the journey but in the midst of it. 

I have that sudden “Aha” moment where I say to myself “David, this is what you have dreamed of being and doing your entire life. This is your passion!” To help others, to nurture others, to help others find their voice. It all comes crashing in on me as I realize that it is not something that is down the line, but rather something that God is doing through me in the here and now. 

I know I am not the only one that feels this way yet we still can get bogged down by the tremendous amount of work and effort it takes to walk out this prophetic journey.  For me, it is the early morning flights, even with the love of long-suffering friends that are willing to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to get me there. It feels like hard work when I am rushing from connection to connection, staying in different hotels, and eating food that is different than what I have back  home. There are so many things that can cause me to lose sight of the end goal. That is when discouragement comes in and tries to rob the joy, which for me, is a necessity in moving forward.  

As prophetic people, sometimes we become so focused on the next thing or some future point that we fail to realize the miracles and powerful encounters taking place right in front of us.  We lose sight of the fact that God is with us, working hand in hand as we journey. 

Standing here in front of the mirror, I realize something that I will try hard never to forgot, God chooses to reveal to me passion not at the end of the journey but in the midst of it.