Prophets on Inauguration Day

Prophets on Inauguration Day.png

In April, Apostles Tom & Jane Hamon and David Fang travelled to the Ukraine to minister at the CI Ukraine Prophetic Conference. It was a powerful time, God showed up and people’s lives were forever transformed.

On top of the event itself, things in the country were in a place of major transition and shifting. During the trip, the nation was preparing to set in a new president. The victor was a professional comedian and actor who had no previous political experience. To say that the nation, and the Church in the Ukraine were in a place of tension and unease would be an understatement.

God’s voice brings peace no matter how great the shaking is. On inauguration day, the team had the chance to gather with pastors within the capital city and pray and declare over the destiny of the nation. One of the people in attendance was a very influential political official whom the team was able to prophesy over as well.

Let us continue to believe for the Ukraine during this very important time.