Insights for Kingdom Business People

The dictionaries tell us that insight is “the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person, thing, or situation.” This kind of understanding brings robust strategies, operational effectiveness, and problem solving ideas to our life and business. We all have many great relationships and partners in our lives and in our business world.  Partnering with God in life and business is the most rewarding relationship of all. Insight by the Spirit of God is just one facet of partnering with God in business.

How can the church become Kingdom Influencers and establish Law and Order in an unruly world?

Today, the Church is losing its influence in American culture, and Apostles, Prophets, and the Saints should do something about it. It is time to take action and ready ourselves to go through the Gates of Our Nation, States, Counties, and Cities to serve the world. For those who hear and respond, they will be the ones to lead in commerce, advise officials concerning foreign affairs, warn world leaders against foreign alliances, and attack and dismantle the social injustices of the day.

The Power of Media Mountain

I remember the moment I realized the power that a media platform could provide. My husband and I had successfully rallied Believers in our community to remove Planned Parenthood from involvement with the sex-education program in our local high school. Because my husband was on the school board and I had given a key testimony, our local newspaper saw potential for a good story, and a reporter called me almost immediately to ask for an interview.