From the Heart of CI

Your Sphere

We are in the middle of a true reformation. Things are being re-formed, and then formed again. They’re being put into new alignment, a new light and we are re-learning things about the kingdom that have been known for over 2000 years. There are things about the army of the Lord that we are re-learning, nothing is new under the sun. Jesus talked about this in the Gospel and today we are experiencing it. We are re-absorbing it in this time, in our lives, in our place, in our situations.

Called to Your Workplace

Our work and vocations are the primary focus where we expend our time and energy.  They are also the platforms that shape the 7 Mountains of society. It’s no surprise then that these areas are where God’s purpose and plan will come to pass for our lives, our communities, and our nations.  Our work can become Kingdom Influence in the 7 Mountains!

Origin of 7 Mountain Concepts and 7MKI

This “7 Mountains” idea matched exactly what the Lord put in Dr. Bill Hamon’s heart about the need to empower and equip leaders outside the four walls of the church. Thus began the pursuit to develop an empowering network that would truly bring the Heart of God to the 7 Mountains of Culture. The result of that pursuit is the 7 Mountain Kingdom Influencer Network (7MKI).