God is calling us to co-labor together to see His Kingdom established on earth. CI Apostolic Network offers more than credentials and affiliation. It offers activation, training, accountability and relationship with like minded ministers who are moving in the apostolic and prophetic. Members are equipped to fulfill their God-given destiny and make ready a people to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. CIAN will empower you to be a reproducer of reproducers!


The Man Before the Ministry

Christian International and Bishop Hamon strongly believe that you must develop the man before the ministry. When you join Christian International, you can do so with the confidence that you are joining a network that places a strong emphasis on maturity.

501(c)3 Status

If you’ve ever tried to do it from scratch, you know that filing for non-profit status can be time consuming, costly, and overall a frustrating experience. Christian International helps you take the headache out of this process.



Ministry can often make you feel isolated and alone. When you are part of the Apostolic Network, you are assigned to regional leaders for covering but also for relationship. You join with like-minded people who can provide supportive relationship in your region.

Free Conferences

We want to give you every opportunity to be able to connect with us and one of the ways that we do that is through providing free admission to select conferences and discounted admission to other events.


Member Only Resources

Exclusive access to 7 Mountain Resources


Discounts on Products

As a member of the Apostolic Network, you get access to exclusive discounts on Christian International products. We want you to have the resources to not only equip yourself but your church congregation as well.

Our Mission

The mission of CI Apostolic Network (CIAN)
is to establish a continuing network of apostolic ministers based upon committed relationships, submission to Apostolic/Prophetic oversight, mutual accountability, andfaithful financial support.

The Mission of CIAN to the Body of Christ:

  • Provide present-truthresources such as: books, teaching tapes, praise and worship songs, video presentations, etc.
  • Activating and equipping the saints through resources such as the Manual for Ministering Spiritual Gifts and Prophets and Personal Prophecy Teaching Manual. These are two of the greatest tools ever made available to the Body of Christ for teaching, training, activating, and maturing the saints in their gifts and callings. These tools advance believers toward functioning as members of specific ministry teams.
  • Provide regional and national conferences to demonstrate and teach present truth.
  • Provide specialty seminars for advanced training such as: Apostolic/Prophetic Training Module (APT’s); Prophetic Worship & Arts Conference; Apostolic Leadership Summits; Healing and Deliverance Seminars.
  • CI Equipping Network (CIEN) has an Undergraduate and Graduate level, residential (Ministry Training College) and distance college. CIEN has been functioning for over 35+ years. Ministers can further their biblical education and earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in Theology or Ministry.

The Mission of CIAN to Ministries or Churches:

  • Ensure every CIAN ministry or church is firmly grounded upon the foundation of the Church, which is Apostles and Prophets, with Jesus Christ being the Chief Cornerstone (Eph.2:21).
  • To activate each CIAN ministry or church to become fulfilled and mature, enabling each of them to be a living demonstration of God’s purpose for His Church today. This activation would cause each church or ministry to send forth teams to demonstrate and minister Christ’s life and purpose to His corporate Body.
  • Assist in resolving differences or conflicts within the local church – through consultation with CIAN Leadership and Regional Apostolic/Prophetic Regional Teams (RAPT), ministry teams assigned to aid pastors; Apostolic/Prophetic advice and counsel and on-sight arbitration.
  • Provide a place of accountability, oversight, and relationship so that each local church body might be a place of safety, security, and blessing.
  • Provide a network that establishes Apostolic/Prophetic local churches in present truth ministry. An Apostolic/Prophetic church has the goal and dedication to train every church member to function on a ministry team thus enabling them to fulfill their membership ministry in the Body of Christ. Church Reformation for City Transformation.

The Mission of CIAN to Ministers

  • Provide a network for relating to and sharing with other ministers and churches.
  • Provide Regional CIAN Ministers Meetings (within each major geographical sector), by the Regional Apostolic/Prophetic Team Leader, as a method for oversight and accountability and where relationship and fellowship is encouraged and modeled.
  • Personal accountability and relationship – through personal contact and relationship with Apostolic/Prophetic Teams and other ministers- regional gatherings, conferences, and summits.
  • Offer various levels of affiliation and relationship to meet the needs of individual ministers.
  • Provide a means of restoration for pastors and trans-local ministers through covering, counseling, and support during restoration periods.
  • Provide a legal covering for those who make application for exemption through inclusion under CIAN group federal tax exemption (501(c)3) (Ordained ministers only)
  • Provide Network ministers with the latest revelation and present-truth understanding being activated within the Church.
  • Provide an opportunity for continued growth by reviewing each minister’s education and background experience to determine what course of study will best equip them in fulfilling their purpose. Provide courses of study which will aid ministers in developing greater people skills, more effective time management, and an increased understanding of the principles of God.
Membership Levels

There are four levels of relationship available to those desiring affiliation:

1. License

One who is actively pursuing full-time, fivefold ministry through an active emerging work or itinerant ministry.


  • Free registration for International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets conference (does not include CIAN luncheon costs)
  • Participation in monthly Regional CIAN Ministers meetings.
  • Recognition of fivefold calling and commissioning to launch ministry
  • 50% Discount on CI produced materials
  • Special CIAN gathering times at major conferences
  • Yearly prophetic prayer ministry
  • Regular correspondence
  • CIAN Licensed minister picture ID card (passport photo(s) must be submitted)
    Special access to Vision Investment Partner (VIP) Gold Level benefits because you are a CIAN Licensed minister include:
  • One (1) free conference coupon per year
  • Yearly personal prophetic ministry (tape)

Requirements CIAN may directly license individuals who meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a clear and confirmed fivefold ministry calling
  • Have an active emerging work or itinerant ministry:
    • Church / Outreach
      • Less than 3 years in existence or ordained elsewhere.
      • Minimum of 15 adults in membership
      • Moving toward consistent meeting location
      • Regular Services
      • Confirmation of God’s growth and increase
      • Some financial support from ministry
    • Itinerant / Other Ministry
      • Minimum ministry dates of 10 times per year outside their local church
      • Moving toward regular meetings
      • Confirmation of God’s anointing and increase
      • Some financial support from ministry
  • Three Quality references from other fivefold ministers (including Sr. Pastor if applicable)
  • Must have “10 M’s” in order (see “10 M’s” by Bishop Bill Hamon)
  • Expected to attend their Regional minister’s meetings for relationship, accountability and training
  • Willing to embrace and represent the heart and vision of Bishop Bill Hamon
  • Must be willing to commit $50 or more per month to CIAN.

Review of License: Maintaining a ministerial license with CIAN will be subject to a semi-annual review by the CIAN Leadership Team. The license will be evaluated each year for renewal at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

2. Ordination

One who is established in full-time ministry and wishes to be confirmed by the laying on of hands to participate in a committed relationship to CIAN as their primary source for apostolic/prophetic covering, relationship, accountability, and training. Their goal is mature ministry and seeing integrity, honor and purpose restored to the fivefold ministry. Members ordained by CIAN may be recommended as approved ministers and afforded other privileges.

Ordination for Ministries Other Than Pastors
CIAN recognizes that in the Body of Christ there are offices other than pastor, such as apostle, prophet, evangelist, and teacher. While a person holding such an office should be a member of a local church, he/she may also head a Christian ministry that is not a local church. Such membership privileges in CIAN should be available to that minister even though their organization is a translocal ministry. Translocal ministries must meet the requirements.

Privileges & Benefits:

  •  Relationship and accountability with CIAN Leadership Team
  • Free registration for International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets conference only
  • Monthly attendance at Regional Meetings to provide relationship, covering and accountability
  • Prophetic presbytery by CIAN Leadership at the time of ordination with full commissioning, activation and release
  • 50% Discount on all CI produced materials
  • Opportunity and authority to associate ordain or license individuals to which they give pastoral / apostolic oversight
  • Special gathering times at major conferences
  • Regular correspondence
  • CIAN Ordained Minister picture ID card (passport photo(s) must be submitted)
  • Use of the CIAN trademark
  • Assistance in booking itinerant ministers

Special access to Vision Investment Partner (VIP) Platinum Level benefits because of your CIAN affiliation include:

  • Two (2) free conference coupons per year
  • Special VIP intimate group ministry during select conferences
  • Yearly personal prophetic ministry (tape)

Requirements CIAN may directly Ordain individuals who meet the following requirements:

  •  Should have an established work or itinerant ministry
    • Church / Outreach
      • 2 to 3 years in existence
      • Minimum of 25 adults in membership
      • Consistent meeting location
      • Regular services
      • Confirmed numerical growth and increase
      • Sustained personal financial support from ministry
    • Itinerant / Other Ministry
      • 2 to 3 years in existence
      • Regular meetings
      • Confirmed anointing and increase
      • Sustaining personal financial support from ministry
  • Must have a clear and confirmed five-fold ministry calling
  • Three quality references from other fivefold ministers
  • Have “10 M’s” in order (see “10 M’s” by Bishop Bill Hamon
  • Expected to fully support the Regional Apostolic Prophetic Team’s monthly minister’s meetings
  • Must be wiling to embrace and represent the hear and vision of Bishop Bill Hamon
  • Willing to commit personal tithe (from ministry and secular) plus 3 – 10% of church / ministry undesignated offerings to CIAN

Renewal of Ordination: Ministers will have their certification reviewed each year through the completion of Annual Covenant Update Forms. This will provide an opportunity to evaluate our relationship and re-examine our association to establish that we are still moving together in the same vision.

3. EAGLE Leadership Development Program

For individuals who either have a fivefold ministry calling and seek to be further equipped and prepared to become an Apostolic / Prophetic Leader in the Church today or for those church leaders who want to be further equipped in the Apostolic / Prophetic. This is a program that combines Apostolic / Prophetic teaching resources with interactive ministry equipping opportunities to enable those called of the Lord to be equipped for success.Find out more!

4. Associate Minister

This level of affiliation must be initiated by an active CIAN Ordained Minister. This unique level enables the CIAN ordained minister to affiliate individuals that they pastorally / apostolically oversee within their ministry. The associate minister will relate and be accountable to the ordained minister (associate overseer) rather than the leadership of CIAN. The associates ministerial functions, guidelines and credentials are established and documented by the overseer’s authority and in accordance with the laws of the state in which they reside, not CI Apostolic Network.

Revelation of Ordination

Team Ministry (Married)

Christian International (CI) has a strong commission to restore and establish team ministry. We prophetically commission and ordain both husband and wife to the fivefold ministry – apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and/or teacher. In the event a spouse is unsure of his/her ministry call, we ask God to reveal that calling and then prophetically speak into their life and germinate that seed of ministry that has been dormant within them. CI does not ordain men and women without spousal support and involvement.

Individual Ministry (Unmarried)

CI also ordains unmarried men and women who are called to fivefold ministry. These individuals receive full impartation, activation, and commissioning as hands are laid on them by anointed ministers.

Prophetic Impartation

Prophetic presbytery is held at each ordination because CIAN does not believe that ordination is ever to be merely a formal religious ritual. Ordination of fivefold ministry with the laying on of hands is to be on the order of 1 Tim. 4:14. Supernatural anointing is administered through the laying on of hands and divinely inspired prophetic utterance for impartation, revelation, activation, and a great investment of Holy Spirit enablement. The prophetic presbytery team is formed of mature ministers who have proven ability to prophesy a pure, revealing and directive word fo the Lord to those being ordained. We are New Testament ministers of the Spirit as well as the Word (2 Cor. 3:6).

Leadership Team
BBH_and_EYH_copyDr. Bill Hamon is the founder of Christian International Ministries. A prophet for over 50 years, he has prophesied to more than 50,000 people and provided training for over 250,000 in prophetic ministry. He has authored seven major books, specializing in the restoration of the Church and what to expect next on God’s agenda. He serves as bishop over 7,000 ministers and churches and CI’s headquarters on five continents.
Gale & Shelly Sheehan
Leon & Donna


Tom & Jane

Dr. Tim & Karen Hamon
Larry & Brenda
Dr. Jim & Judy Stevens
Regional Directors
EAGLE Program


The vision of the EAGLE leadership program is to Empower Apostolic / Prophetic Godly Leaders to Emerge as 5-fold ministers in the church today.

The Eagle Program is a Leadership Development Program within the Christian International Apostolic Network that serves to equip and prepare those with 5 fold ministry callings to be Apostolic/ Prophetic leaders in the church today. It is a program that combines Apostolic/ Prophetic teaching resources with interactive ministry equipping opportunities to enable those called of the Lord to be equipped for success. The Eagle Program uses a distant education format along with regional equipping events to enable those who may or may not be in active full time ministry to move through progressive practical learning experiences. It is a ministry development track that can be pursued from your current location. It is a track that allows you to progress at your own pace with your current time priorities. It is anticipated that someone with other full time employment could complete the program over a 1- 1 ½ year time frame. For those dedicated full time to the Eagle program it is anticipated that they may complete the certification program in less than six months. Following the completion of the Eagle program any successful candidate may also continue in CIAN relationship as an Eagle graduate.

Enroll Now!

Eagle Course Components

EAGLE leadership development plan consists of three components: Teaching Resources, Seminar Resources, and Regional Meetings.


  1. Who am I and Why am I here?  by  Dr. Bill Hamon
  2. The Day of the Saints by Dr. Bill Hamon
  3. Prophets and Personal Prophecy  by  Dr. Bill Hamon
  4. Miracles Now   by Apostle Gale Sheehan
  5. Dreams and Visions   by Apostle Jane Hamon
  6. Financial Miracles  by Apostle Gale Sheehan
  7. Biblical Foundations for the Workplace    CI Marketplace Commissioning course
  8. The Eternal Church  by Dr. Bill Hamon
  9. The 7 Anointings of CI  by Apostle Tom Hamon

The Eagle student will either complete designated course workbooks or submit written book reports for each teaching resource book or manual. Book reports will follow an outlined format and will be approximately 1000 words (4 pages) in length. Reports will focus on what the leader received as an impartation from each book, along with how they may incorporate that impartation into practical ministry.


APT modules can be participated in at various locations in the US. Eagle leaders will complete four of the modules throughout the program at their individually selected locations. 2 APT modules will be mandatory modules, the first being the Manual for Ministering Spiritual Gifts module and the second is a module of your choosing. These are focused on developing the prophetic gifting in an individuals life. Any other two modules may be selected from a variety of Apostolic and Prophetic themes including deliverance, miracles, leadership, city transformation, and worship, among others. More information about APT modules is available


Eagle leaders will be invited to participate with the local Licensed and Ordained ministers in monthly meetings at various regional locations, with oversight from the CIAN Regional Apostolic Prophetic Team (RAPT) in that region. These are interactive meetings focused on five fold ministry development. Eagle leaders will be submitted to the RAPT for the purposes of the meetings, along with assistance in the Eagle leader’s ministry development. The RAPT or the CIAN Director will have the authority to dismiss any Eagle leader for misconduct.


The cost for the Eagle program will be $150.00 per course for individuals or $250 per course for married couples while in active pursuit of certification. Once an Eagle leader has completed the program and received certification, the Eagle leader may continue in CIAN relationship at a reduced $50.00 per month fee. These costs include book costs, all grading fees, and participation at Regional Meetings (excluding meals). There is an additional cost for APT modules. These costs are typically ~ $100.00 per module.