Thank you for your interest in Christian International Global Network. We always enjoy knowing of ministries who have a like vision of the prophetic and apostolic being propagated and seeing the Saints Movement brought forth in their nation.

Christian International Global Network is a network based upon personal contact and relationship. We do not issue licensing or ordination until there has been opportunity to build a relationship through a CI minister who has come into your area and can recommend you and your ministry. This is not to discourage you but to help you understand how our network is established through personally knowing its ministers.

We do encourage you to complete an informational form that we can keep on file. If you have completed the questionnaire from our office or desire to do so, understand that we cannot process the information until it is verified. Your information will be kept on file and please feel free to continue email contact with us. We will make every effort to notify you if a minister from Christian International will be ministering in your area.



Ordination candidates are those who are in full-time ministry and whose conviction is to be committed and related to CIGN as their primary source for Apostolic/Prophetic covering, relationship, accountability and training. Their goal is mature ministry seeing integrity, honor, purpose and place restored to the five-fold ministry.

Ordination with CIGN is by anointed prophetic presbytery with full commissioning, activation and release. They must meet biblical qualifications and requirements for eldership as set forth in 1st Timothy and Titus and show evidence of being called to the five-fold ministry as an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher. Candidates will pursue mature ministry fashioned after Bishop Hamon’s 10 M’s of Ministry and in agreement with the statement of faith. As an ordained member of CIGN a financial commitment as signed in their Covenant Agreement is established between CIGN and the ordained minister.

Licensure by CIGN will be individuals who are actively involved in ministry and showing proof of the call of God upon their lives. They must be in submission to a pastor and part of a local body of believers who recognizes the five-fold call upon their life. The candidate should agree with the CIGN tenets of faith and commit to regular financial support of CIGN. Those licensed must sign the Covenant Agreement.

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