Founder & Bishop


Dr. Bill Hamon is the founder of Christian International Ministries, a premier prophetic ministry for over 45 years. A prophet for 60 years, he has prophesied to more than 50,000 people and provided training for over 250,000 in prophetic ministry. He has authored eight major books, specializing in the restoration of the Church and what to expect next on God’s agenda.

Dr. Bill Hamon is respected by church leaders around the world as a senior leader of the prophetic/apostolic company God is raising up in these last days.

He serves as bishop to over 3,000 ministers and churches and CI’s headquarters on five continents. Bill resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, along with his three children, eleven grandchildren, and sixteen great-grandchildren. “Mom” Hamon’s legacy lives on through their family and the work that continues at Christian International Ministries.

CIGN Executive Directors



Prophet Jim and Apostle Judy Stevens are ordained with Christian International under Dr. Bill Hamon of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and serve as Board of Governors to Bishop Hamon. The Stevens are Executive Directors of Christian International Global Network (CIGN) which is the base for CI’s international ministry.

They are licensed through CI to teach and activate the saints through the Ministering Spiritual Gifts seminar and have done so in many churches in the USA as well as in other nations. Dr. Jim also serves Christian International as a Board of Director to the Organization.

Jim and Judy serve Apostles Leon and Donna Walters as directors of Christian International’s Central Base in Versailles, Indiana. They teach in CI Central’s Equipping School, training and activating the saints in the apostolic and prophetic anointings.

The Stevens lead AP Team Ministries, a group of Christian pastors and leaders from several states, who have a like heart and passion for present truth as found through the understanding of the apostolic and prophetic.

Jim and Judy travel nationally and internationally as conference speakers and prophetically minister the heart of God. They have served as apostolic prophets in many churches to help establish and strengthen them. Many regard them as a father and mother in the Kingdom.

CEO, Christian International Ministry Network



Dr. Tim Hamon wants those he influences to succeed. As an instructor, author and international keynote speaker, Dr. Tim equips leaders to hear God’s voice and change their world.

Christian International, a premier prophetic ministry around the world, trusts Dr. Tim as ChiefExecutive Officer to expand their impact and they have reached record constituency in 2013 while sustaining 45 years of proven ministry.

With a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, leadership is Dr. Tim’s way of life.  Dr. Tim’s leadership style believes the best of others, empowers proactive responsibility, and celebrates the value of each team member.

Notable organizations like the International Leadership Embassy and the Academic Council for Education Accountability, and various ministries, businesses and schools around the world, have partnered with Dr. Tim, inviting his cutting-edge leadership on their boards. Dr. Tim continues to enhance his leadership and influence by participating in organizations such as International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders and Christian Leadership Alliance.

Dr. Tim leads in Christian education as the President of Christian International School of Theology. He serves on the Executive Team for Christian International Apostolic Network, andon the Pastoral Team of his local assembly: Vision Church @ Christian International.

Dr. Tim lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with his wife Karen.  His appreciation for wit and her love of laughter keep them young and entertaining.  They have four children (two married) and five grandchildren, all of whom serve the Lord.

Sr. Pastors of Vision Church @CI



Apostles Tom and Jane Hamon have been Senior Pastors of Vision Church @ Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for over twenty years. They travel nationally and internationally imparting apostolic authority and prophetic wisdom to equip believers in fulfilling destiny.

Together they form a strong apostolic and prophetic team laying strong biblical principles and activating saints to hear the voice of the Lord. They have a heart to see the Body of Christ arise in its true identity and calling, breakthrough every obstacle and bring Kingdom transformation in the earth.

CI  Heartland Regional Director



The CI Central Heartland base is located on 52 acres in Versailles, Indiana, reaching the northern section of the USA. Co-laborers Apostle Leon and Pastor Donna Walters lead CI Family Worship Center, a great church which is the center of all CI Central activity, hosting seminars, conferences, Ministry Equipping School, School of the Holy Spirit, youth conferences, Restoration Renewal Ministry, etc.

Their son-in-law and daughter, Pastors Tim and Donetta Barret, help with the pastoral ministries. Devra Harrison, their daughter is also involved in the ministry. This Training Center provides a balanced approach to all five-fold ministries in equipping the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:11-16).

As an extension of Bishop Bill Hamon, CI Central imparts the heart of all that Christian International propagates.

CI Apostolic Network Director



The Sheehan’s are Directors of the Christian International Apostolic Network (CIAN), a network of churches and ministries inside the United States. They serve as part of the Apostolic Team that relates to CI Global Network. The Sheehan’s are located at CI Headquarters in Florida.