Dr Tim Hamon  President, ciEquipping

Dr Tim Hamon
President, ciEquipping

When we don’t get too ethereal and simply look at ways to serve, it is easy to find ways to use our gifts. Whether prophesying, preaching, visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, or compassionately taking someone to coffee and lending a listening ear. Whatever gifts you have, God has equipped you with His strength and His voice to get the job done. Your confidence in how you use your gifts is founded on His Word. If you learn to steward your gifts based on the Word, then you will gain influence and build the Kingdom of God.

This is the heart of ciEquipping.  It is a place where you will learn to cultivate and grow in your God given gifts and talents.  A place where you can come to benefit from the 3e’s:

  • e1: Establish a Training Center

  • e2: Earn a degree or training certificate

  • e3: Existing resources – benefit from Existing resources available to you through ciEquipping.

It is said that Education is the mountain from which all rivers flow. Let us go to the mountain and let living waters pour out.

Susan Slusher  Dean, ciEquipping

Susan Slusher
Dean, ciEquipping

My work with ciEquipping has been one of the most fulfilling things in my life.

I travel the world helping others clarify the vision that God has given them both individually and for their schools.  These are schools reaching the next level, establishing a new thing, and influencing their world through the resources available at ciEquipping.

I am so excited about all that God has for you and look forward to working with you in fulfilling the vision that you have for your school or equipping center.


Already training in some way? Connect your existing school/training center to other equippers, share resources, and gain support for your efforts.

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Want to be equipped yourself? Earn your Christian International degree online, in partnership with Vision University.

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Find one of our networked training centers around the world and be equipped to fulfill your destiny!

Establish a Training Center

ciEquipping will work with ministries who are developing an equipping program. 

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