Welcome to Christian International


Thank you for visiting Christian International. If you’ve been here before you will notice that things are looking different. While it’s nice to update and keep things fresh, our rebrand is really reflective of what God is up to in this new season. Make no mistake, this is the most exciting time to see God on the move. 

To many, Christian International has been known as pioneers in the modern prophetic movement which as of 2018, has entered into its 30th year. We know that 30 holds major significance. In Hebrew culture it represents entering into a season of full maturity. Jesus entered into His ministry at age 30. 

Just as Jesus became a full partner in His father’s business at age 30, so I feel God the Father is asking us to become full partners in His prophetic move that is now 30 years old. 

We are on the cusp of the second wind of the prophetic movement when God is seeking out those that are willing to partner with Him in new ways. 

Our hearts’ desire continues to be a ministry that helps everyone answer this call. 

Our goal goes far beyond just changing the visuals of our ministry. In the coming months you will see us relentlessly seeking better ways to equip and outfit all those that have come to partner with us to reach their purpose. 

We are excited about this new time the Church is in and we look forward to partnering with you. Feel free to have a look around our new website and keep an eye out for new developments and announcements. 

- The CI Team