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There are a couple of main reasons why any graphic design project needs a detailed brief — it spells out exactly what clients want to achieve, and acts as a point of reference for everyone involved. This means less time (and money) is spent on the result. The more information clients provide from the outset, the more value for money they’ll receive from their design partners.

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Time Requested for Completion
Please note that average turn around for projects can take 1-2 weeks for general graphic design projects (CD/DVD Covers, Single Ads) while larger projects (banners, branding, logos) can take up to 4 weeks depending on how quickly required information and content is submitted to the designer.
Background & Orientation
An explanation of what’s happening to bring about the need for this project e.g., a new product launch.
What Are You Wanting to Communicate with this Piece.. What are you trying to say to your target audience. Where possible, include information to be shown in the designed item e.g. taglines, body text, imagery, etc.
This means, is this an outreach piece for people who don't know about CI or is this something specific to your network, or people generally already connected with CI. The worst answer to give here is "Everybody" because we know that when you try and reach everybody, you reach nobody very well.
What does the client want to achieve? Where possible, make the objectives specific and the results measurable. Example: I want this poster to draw attention in a room full of people and convey to them that there's something free they're missing out on over here in this corner. Another Example: I want this postcard to generate more conference registrations from people within a 250 mile radius.
Final Product Details & Specifications
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Any headlines or text that you would like to be placed in the design. Just as a general guideline for our team.
Any visual elements that need to be present in the design (ministry logo, department logo, group picture, etc) If design elements are required, those are required to be uploaded to the Dropbox before design work can begin. A dropbox link to upload your files will be sent to you once this design project has been approved.
Just place links here of anything you have seen that you like for this project. We will take it into account but of course our main goal is to design it in a way that achieves your main objective.