It is an exciting time to be alive as the awakening Church equips and trains believers to impact the earth with the Word, power and love of God. Connecting to other training programs enables all of us to more effectively reach believers and bring reformation.

CI is known as a place that prepares the saints for the work of ministry. We receive calls, emails from saints looking for a place to receive training.  When we know of a ministry that provides equipping and training we will share their information. The believer is helped to grow, mature and be empowered; the ministry is built and their influence expanded; brings increase to the Body of Christ spreading the Gospel.

Opportunity to build relationship with others who have the same heart to raise up the army of God.

Or, maybe it’s time to answer the call of God and establish an equipping center.

Also, we need to be ready for the harvest to come. In Hosea 4:6 God said to a rebellious Israel:

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.
— Hosea 4:6 - NIV

We also need to be prepared for the fulfillment of prophetic words that there is an increase in the harvest.  Many salvations, even people we have prayed for years.

As the new believers come into the church, we must be ready to train them. They, like all believers, must:

  • Know the word so they can stand on the word.

  • Know Christ’s nature and character so they can demonstrate Christlike behavior.

  • Know the heart of God so they can give out of the love of the Father

Our Purpose

The philosophy of ciEquipping places the Bible at the core of the entire program. There is no greater force in the kingdom of God than a well-trained worker fully dedicated to God.

ciEquipping’s primary aim is to arouse within its students honest inquiry in a Christian context that results in the fullest development of each person’s potential. The Word of God is the Christian’s source for all things that relate to life and doctrine, and only through the Scriptures one can find God’s plan for one’s life.

It is ciEquipping’s desire to bring each student into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, to give them a well-rounded Biblical and theological education, and to apply their relationship and knowledge to help them fulfill the will of God and meet the needs of mankind. Our courses were prepared with the goal of producing the following results within the student:

  1. A basic knowledge of, and the ability to use, the tools needed for understanding Scripture. This is the only sure foundation for Christian life and service.

  2. An in-depth understanding of the Bible.

  3. An intellectual development that enables the student to be a good learner, a clear thinker, and a competent judge of what is right for a lifetime of applying the Word of God to the accomplishment of God’s will.

  4. A personal growth in Christian character and fellowship with Christ which cultivates faith, a dedication to serve, self-denial, discipline, stability, and spiritual power.

  5. A variety of skills in leading and instructing others.

Our Objective: Your Preparation 

ciEquipping believes that the Bible is the greatest and most complete revelation of God ever given to man since God was manifested in the body of His Son, Jesus Christ. This is the reason all students, regardless of their education, ministerial experience, Biblical knowledge or degree standing, are required to take many courses from the Bible itself.

The courses are written with such clarity that they can be understood by those who have been away from school for a number of years. Conversely, they are presented in such a unique and challenging way that they satisfy the academic needs of even the graduate degree candidate. The spiritual depth is sufficient to stimulate the most advanced Christian or minister. New Christians are taking the courses and deriving much benefit from them, as are pastors, theologians, and Bible college graduates, who receive even more from the courses because of their experience, knowledge and ability.

Many liberal and modernistic theological institutions of higher education strongly emphasize theological education for the mind without heart and soul involvement. Our students consistently testify that their CI course work not only educated their minds but caused them to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and a greater love for humanity.