Hear God’s Voice Student Bundle (M1)

By (author)Bill Hamon


Hear God’s Voice Student Workbook (Formerly known as the Ministering Spiritual Gifts Student Workbook Module 1) and Hear God’s Voice textbook for class participation and accompaniment with the Hear God’s Voice Teacher’s Manual.

Hear God’s Voice (Formerly known as Ministering Spiritual Gifts) explains how spiritual gifts were lost to the Church and how revelation of the written Word has established these gifts once again. In this course, a strong emphasis is placed on training leaders to activate the saints in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with which they have been endowed (I Cor. 12 & 14). Teaching is also provided on the gifts with an emphasis on revelation gifts.

In Hear God’s Voice you will discover:

• What the Holy Spirit has revealed for this generation regarding the 9 gifts of the Spirit

• God’s desire for intimate relationship with each believer

• The methods God uses to communicate with us

• How communication on the spirit level is expected of us

• Directives from the Word about how to operate in the gifts

How to discern between your natural and spiritual thoughts

• The significance of all the revelation gifts

• How you can hold the keys to the Kingdom

• The difference between the gift of prophecy and a prophet

• And more!

This bundle includes the Hear God’s Voice Student Workbook and Hear God’s Voice Textbook.