A New Level of Prophetic Influence

Do you teach the Ministering Spiritual Gifts Series in your local church or community? Do you have a desire to train others to Hear God’s Voice and Change the World? Then you are a candidate for the new CI Authorized Instructor Program.

CI Authorized Instructors are part of an exclusive network authorized through Christian International Ministries who are equipped and trained in the next level of prophetic influence through seasoned leaders of Christian International like Jimmy Kellett, Director of CI’s MSG Department and Susan Slusher, Dean of CI Equipping Network Schools.


Candidate Opportunities

There are two candidate opportunities in this program


Individuals Currently Training

Individuals who are currently training or have recently trained (in the last year) from the MSG Core Four Manuals: Ministering Spiritual Gifts, Breakthrough, By Faith, and Advanced.

Individuals Desiring To Train

Individuals desiring to train others to Hear God’s Voice and Change Their World using Christian International’s MSG Training.


CI Authorized Instructor Candidate

  • Complete the MSG Core Four Training

  • Complete the Train the Trainer Workshop

  • Submit an annual video of an actual activation session they have conducted from the MSG Core Four

  • Submit an annual video of an actual training session they have conducted from the MSG Core Four

  • Completion of the CI Authorized Instructor application process including 3 letters of reference

  • Personally, assigned a CI Train the Trainer Advisor


The Training that will Change Your Life – FOREVER


How many times have you desired to take a life changing training that would not only teach you but also give you practical tools to teach? For the past 50 years, Christian International Ministries has been a major influencer of the prophetic. This year alone we have trained over 50,000 people across the globe. Now that is influence!

You too can be trained to influence through the prophetic


As a Christian International Authorized Instructor, you are equipped with not only biblical knowledge but divine impartation from a trained and seasoned trainer. Possibly the first time in your life you will be charged, activated, and given opportunity to minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit under the oversight of a qualified prophetic minister.

The Train the Trainer Program advances you and those you influence out of the realm of theory and into a living experiential reality of God’s graces. It is designed for doing the Word, not just hearing it. The Christian International Train the Trainer equips you with intensified instruction from a qualified CI Instructor.


Costs: $100.00



  • Complete Modules 1 & 2 of the MSG Series prior to the 4- hour training

  • Complete Modules 3 & 4 within a year of the Train the Trainer Program

  • Submit the CI Authorized Instructor application

  • Submit 2 references

  • CI Advisor assigned to you


  • Receive electronic versions ALL revisions to the manuals, student workbooks, etc. at no cost

  • Special pricing for MSG refresher courses at Christian International Ministries

  • An assigned CI Advisor for your personal growth

  • Access to training resources

  • Special pricing for ciEquipping featured resources (as applicable)



Authorized Instructor Requirements

  • Bi-Annual Recertification ($50.00)

  • Notify your CI Advisor of scheduled training events

  • Student Evaluations for each event

  • 1 video of an activation session you conducted

  • 1 video of an actual MSG training session you conducted

  • Permission given for CI to use the video as training tools for others participating in the Train the Trainer Program or Advisor related tasks


Global Availability


In the United States

Train the Trainer Program is only available each September and January at Christian International Ministries in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

In Asia

Train the Trainer is only available through Susan Slusher, Dean of ciEquipping Network Schools


For completing the CI Authorized Instructor Program, you receive

  • A certificate of completion as a CI Authorized Instructor

  • A listing on the ciEquipping website directory of CI Authorized Instructors

  • Opportunity in leading activations at Prophetic Training at Christian International

  • Opportunity for teaching from the MSG Series with qualified CI trainers

  • Authorized Instructor Advisor assigned to you for your personal growth

  • Special pricing on refresher courses at Prophetic Training at Christian International

  • Opportunity for mentoring from your assigned Advisor

  • Evaluation from your students

  • Special pricing when purchasing all four Instructor Packets from the MSG Series: $250 (retail $400)

    • Ministering Spiritual Gifts

    • Breakthrough

    • By Faith

    • Advanced