Watchman Intercessor Assembly

At the beginning of April each year we gather seasoned prophets and watchmen who have the ability and calling to discern national and international events as well as hear what God is saying to nations and the church. Our focus is very strategic.

During this conference we have seen God move on a national and international level with the revelation that was brought forth, and the declarations that were made.  The Watchman conference has continued to grow.  When considering this event, we encourage you to come prepared to receive as well as participate, pray and release the mind, will and heart of the Lord.

Warfare Training Day

Over the past 6 years Christian International has joined forces and locked arms with generals of intercession shoulder to shoulder to raise up an army of intercessors. Our vision is to see your life transformed by the power of intercession.  What it means to be the recipient of intercession and to be the one interceding.  May God empower you beyond your expectations to pick up the mantel of intercession and war a good warfare with the weapons He has given.