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Build local and regional relationships with like-minded leaders.
What is your sphere of influence in the world? Whether you work in a professional or ministerial role, an educational capacity or are a local builder of your family and/or community, allow us to support you in your service to the Lord.

Explore the many ways CI can support you and all the ways you can get involved and make a difference with us!

Explore Christian International Networks

Apostolic Network

We know that ministry can be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding. CI transforms the challenges into opportunities to reap the rewards. Our goal is to help you grow, learn and expand your ministry’s reach. Whether based in the US, or internationally, you’ll establish relationships based on present truth, guided by the Apostle-Prophet anointing, and held accountable by one another.

Global Network

Join our Global Network and be a part of an international community of ministers and churches united by a shared purpose and vision. With CIGN, you’ll have the opportunity to establish relationships based on present truth, guided by the Apostle-Prophet anointing, and held accountable by one another.

Equipping Network

CI’s equipping branch serves educators and students just like you. This is where it all started for us. We continue to provide educators and institutions with biblically based course materials, assist with accreditation and more. We also support individuals who want to continue learning and being equipped; from obtaining a degree, to eLearning, and our foundational prophetic training seminars.

Vision Investment Partners

CI’s vision is BIG, and it takes a village for us to see it through. However, we understand that not everyone has the bandwidth to join our network or be fully involved. If you’d like to financially support our mission, without the full involvement of joining our network, our partnership opportunity is for you.

CI Español

Christian International Español es un alcance centrado en levantar apóstoles y profetas en América Latina para traer restauración a la Iglesia. Esta rama empodera a los creyentes para cumplir su destino divino y restaura los roles apostólicos y proféticos en la Iglesia, basado en Hechos 3:20-21.

Culture Influencers

If you’re in the marketplace as a business person, politician, entertainer or work another role in society, the Culture Influencer’s Community is for you. We aim to create a sense of unity and cultivate a support community that helps you expand your influence to change the world around you.

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