Our Vision

Christian International’s corporate vision has been enhanced. Visions have a way of growing and expanding over time. CI strives to be a God-led organization, and our understanding of our corporate vision is a discovery process. We follow the vision God gives us and adapt as new revelation unfolds.

When CI started in the late 1960s, its entire vision was to educate people to do the work of the ministry. In the mid-1970s, its leader, Dr. Bill Hamon, received revelation and experience about prophetic ministry. By the mid-1980s, this revelation infused the organization, and its vision was updated to “Establish Prophets to make ready a people and prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.” In the 1990s, a new revelation about the need for Apostles to partner with Prophets was received, leading to an upgrade of the vision to “To establish Apostles and Prophets to equip the saints for the coming of the Lord.”

During the past 20 years, while all this revelation about Apostles and Prophets was unfolding, the emphasis on the marketplace as an important aspect of what the organization was doing for God grew, leading to the establishment of marketplace ministry (CIBN) to facilitate the equipping of the saints and ministry outside religious church structures.

Now, a clearer revelation is emerging. The marketplace ministry isn’t just an outlet for saints to fulfill their ministry callings, but rather, the marketplace (or culture) is the target for all the equipping, with the purpose being to establish the Kingdom in the culture. This is the core teaching of what is now called the 7Mountain message.

According to Matthew 24:14, the key to the coming of the Lord is the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom to the nations, and the kingdoms of the world must become the Kingdom of our Lord (Revelation 11:15). This means that the equipping and marketplace resources must be refocused to impact saints in local churches and communities, as it is the saints who will change the culture. Of course, sending prophets and apostles to the nations to preach the Kingdom will continue, but the vision is to equip the saints to demonstrate and establish the Kingdom in every culture so that the end will come.


CI leaders feel the challenge of the enhanced vision and understand the need to take action to respond to the revelation that God is giving about reformation. This vision requires a more integrated approach to equipping and reformation, and to be effective reformers, they must first be reformed.

Dr. Tim Hamon, CEO
Christian International Ministries