Apostolic Network

Christian International lets you be your authentic self.

Are you an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher (of Ephesians 4:11) who desires to be spiritually positioned to enable your Destiny to be fulfilled? Then Christian International Apostolic Network or Christian International Global Network may be exactly what you need. These Networks are made up of Apostolic Prophetic ministers who are aligned for Kingdom Impact.

Your Spiritual Positioning will be the major key in advancing your sphere of influence. So whether you are based in the U.S. or in another nation of the earth, God has a place for you to be aligned to function in the Body of Christ. With CIAN and CIGN membership, you will receive an impartation along with many benefits that will empower you to be the successful leader God has called you to be.

Our network is an asset to your ministry.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb

Participant in Pioneering the Prophetic and Apostolic

Become an active participant in the prophetic and apostolic movement by connecting with Christian International, where we have been pioneering for over forty years. Shape the future alongside world-renowned voices and be part of a vibrant community that seeks to hear God’s voice and lead others to Him.

Discover Your Voice, Engage with the Community

The strength of being part of an Apostolic-Prophetic family, like CIAN, means you are no longer laboring alone, you have the CI leadership and an entire network of like-minded individuals co-laboring alongside you.
Relationships need commitment, communication, and connection to thrive. One of the many opportunities we provide to strengthen relationships and stay connected is by hosting monthly regional gatherings.

Connect with Like-Minded Leaders and Ignite Your Journey

Connect with a dynamic community of like-minded leaders at and ignite your personal journey. Our network leaders are ready to guide and support you, providing resources and empowerment. Embrace the strength of unity as we pursue God’s calling together, making an impact in various service expressions.

Make an Impact, Unleash Your Potential

Christian International is your platform to make a tangible impact and unleash your potential. If you feel called to transform lives and influence the world, join us in community. Together, we will explore faith, hope, and transformation, leaving a lasting legacy that inspires generations.

Thriving Community of Faithful Servants

Experience the power of a thriving community of faithful servants by joining Christian International. In our community, resources are shared, victories are celebrated, and struggles are overcome together. Whether you serve in a local church, itinerant ministry, or any other calling, find support and empowerment to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.

Unite for Kingdom Building and Transformation

Join a vibrant community where faith, hope, and passion collide. Together, we can make a profound impact on the world for Christ, leaving a lasting legacy that inspires future generations. Start your journey of active participation today and be part of the movement that brings about transformation and builds the kingdom..

Join Christian International Apostolic Network.

To join Christian International Apostolic Network, click the button below to request an application. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to guide you through the process. Thank you for considering CIAN as your ministry home.