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Christian International lets you be your authentic self.

Our ministry is unique. We’re not denomination-based, which means that our ministers keep their own identity. We don’t require our ministers to offer certain things — we want you to be your best self in the way that God personally called you to do. With CI, you have autonomy and you can relate with the organization as a whole.

We provide support, resources and relationships through licensure, but it doesn’t affect how you express yourself as a minister. When you join CI, you’re joining a network of ministers that you can relate to while maintaining and expressing your own personality, values and brand.

Our network is an asset to your ministry.

We know that ministry can be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding. CI transforms the challenges into opportunities to reap the rewards. Our goal is to help you grow, learn and expand your ministry’s reach.


You shouldn’t have to walk through ministry alone. You need a support system, and CI can give you just that. Our leaders provide moral support by stepping in wherever you need us. And if you go through something difficult, we will rally around you to help you get through it.


At CI, we understand that ministry is all about relationships, which is why we ensure that you are well connected to the team around you. We don’t do red tape, meaning that if you want to meet with someone at the “top,” you can do just that. There’s no gatekeeping here.


Christian International’s resources are the most tangible asset we provide to our ministers. We provide services for ceremonies, weddings, funerals and the like. Along with that, we strive to alleviate the stress of taxes by providing tax guides and advice from CPAs.

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