Royalty Payments

Online Royalty Payments Portal

Welcome to the new online payment option for Christian International Ministries. Please click on the button at the bottom of the page to enter your information and process your payment.

  • Be sure to select the appropriate option.
    • Please refer to your Christian International User Agreement in your Instructor Manual or Distribution Agreement.
    • If you have a question regarding which one to select, please call 800-388-5308.
  • For non-MSG royalty payments, please enter the total amount owed in the empty field next to the corresponding royalty payment option.
  • Then “Next” and you will be taken to our secure payment page to complete your transaction.

Ministering Spiritual Gifts Training

Choose this If you are working with Jimmy Kellett to provide MSG training in your area or you are currently training from any Ministering Spiritual Gifts Module.

  • Ministering Spiritual Gifts option to pay your workbook usage fees for MSG and/or
  • Choose MSG Breakthrough, By Faith, or Advanced Manuals to pay usage fees for any of the three workbooks.  Keep clicking the “add” button to increase the quantity and the form will calculate your total.  It’s that easy!

International Distributor of Christian International Ministries Products

If you have a Distribution Agreement with Christian International Ministries choose this option to pay your royalty fees.

CI Equipping Network

If you are working with Dean Susan Slusher to establish a network school or have an agreement to use training materials provided through CI Equipping pay workbook usage fees by choosing the MSG and/or Breakthrough, By Faith, or Advanced workbook options.  If you have a distribution agreement with Dean Susan choose the CI Equipping option to pay your royalty fees.