Abuse of Power

by | Mar 14, 2023

The abuse of power: Understanding the root of injustice

All Injustice is conceived in weak-minded people who abuse their power!  They use their physical or positional power to take from another to satisfy their own narcissistic lust, ego, and wounded soul. Whether it is police brutality, sexual abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, criminality, or any other action that dehumanizes a beautiful life, they lack the moral compass to treat others with dignity.
I am broken by recent events and nations are writhing over the abuse of power captured on video. #GeorgeFloyd  My prayer is that those in authority demonstrate to the world, not just the United States, that their position of power is to do what is good and right, not protect the abuser of power.

The majority vs the minority: The power of the collective

I believe the majority of people are inherently good, but that goodness is often pushed backstage when the evil actions of the minority take center stage. These things want to scream lies telling us that we are powerless to bring change. 

The role of individuals in bringing change

I enjoy close friendships with individuals globally that selflessly give their lives for others and the healing of the land. The truth is that their voices of justice, honor, and value for all of humanity is pushing through the darkness. I know they will continue to be a light because their message is a seed that can shift culture’s trajectory.

Confronting internal biases: The importance of self-reflection

First and foremost, I must work on me!  Will I take the time to gain understanding of another’s plight, connect to their pain, and allow my heart to break for their suffering? Will I use my platform and voice to model power used for good?  Will I pay the price to be a part of the solution?  Will I courageously cross the cultural divides to build bridges of trust?  Will I embrace heart inclusion through friendship and partnership, not just a superficial diversity? Will I fight against hate through authentic love?  Will I confront evil by doing good? 

Choosing to be a part of the solution: The importance of perseverance

Only I can humble myself and confront any and every internal voice of gossip, slander, bigotry, prejudice, bias, or stereotype. Only I can yield myself to that which values all of humanity. I must choose to never shut up, give up, or slow down because justice-power used for good-is worth fighting for.