The Hebraic Year 5784 – Part 1 – The Year of Voice Activated Doors

by | Oct 5, 2023

September 15, 2023 marked the new year on the Hebraic calendar, 5784, which is always a good time to stop and listen to God’s Voice for the new season to stir our faith and refine our focus. In the Hebraic decade of the 80’s we understand the word for 80 is pe which means mouth, voice or sound (See Strong’s 6310) The ending year, four, is the Hebrew number dalet, which means door, gate or entrance(Strong’s 1817). This is the year God has set an open door before us that no man can close (Revelation 3:9).

Voice Activated Doors

As I thought of the combination of the number for the voice and the number for the door, I recognized that this will be a year of voice activated doors of opportunity. We live in a day of voice activated electronics. Some homes have a feature that you can just speak and a computer responds by setting the room tempurature or turning on or off lights. In the realm of the spirit God has put power in our mouths to activate spiritual doors of breakthrough for us. Psalms 81:10 in the Passion Translation says, “Open your mouth with a mighty decree. I will fulfill it now you’ll see. The words that you speak, so shall it be.”

Paul and Silas saw prison doors open when they opened their mouths and praised. Their voices activated the supernatural and caused that which was locked to open up. Peter similarly saw prison doors opened and the gate of the city open of it’s own accord as the result of volumes of prayer going up on his behalf. Their prayers activated heaven to send and angel to lead him out. These gates were the original automatic doors! (Acts 12:5-17)

Voice Activated Miracles

It’s also a time for voice activated miracles. Jesus activated healings and miracles by saying things such as, “Rise, take up your bed and walk; woman thou art loosed; stretch out your hand and be made whole; Lazarus, come forth.” His voice activated miracles. Likewise,Peter and John activated a miracle for the lame man at the Gate Beautiful. They proclaimed they didn’t have money to give him, but what they did have they would release. “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” The man immediately received strength in his ankle bones and jumped up, walking and leaping and praising God! Peter’s voice activated a miracle! In the same way, in this year of voice activated doors, God will activate the supernatural for you and I as we open our mouths to decree, “in the name of Jesus!”

In this important passage in Acts 3 we find this miracle happened at the Gate Beautiful. Beautiful does not mean, “the pretty gate”, but rather means, “the right time or apppointed time Gate.” It comes from a word which means to blossom and flourish. This is the right time for your miracle! Your miracle is voice activated. Your breakthrough is voice activated. This is the appointed time for you to flourish and blossom. Open your mouth and activate your miracle!

Voice Activated Prophetic Fulfillment

In 2 Kings 4:8 we read the story of the Shunammite woman. She built a room for the prophet, Elisha, in her home so he would have someplace to stay when he passed through town. As a result he wanted to bless her. He asked his servant, Gehazi, to find out what she needed. She responded she was content and didn’t need anything. So Elisha asked Gehazi, “what then shall be done for this woman?” Gehazi responded that she was barren and did not have a son to inherit their legacy. Elisha asked Gehazi to call the woman. 2 Kings 4:15 says, “When he had called her she stood in the doorway.” He then prophesied to her that she would be holding her own son by the same time the next year. To be clear, the Shunammite was standing in the doorway of her miracle. She had a hard time believing the word since she had lived through years of grief and the shame of her barreness. She more or less said, “Prophet, don’t mess with me!” Yet she conceived and bore a son just as the prophet said. His prophetic word activated fulfillment of this woman’s greatest dream!

Perhaps you have lived through disappointment and grief. Perhaps you may have even given up on your dream from a previous season. But know this: One word from God can change everything! The Shunammite’s miracle was voice activated through the word of the prophet.

Let this be a reminder to each of us that not only does God desire to bring miracles of fulfillment for us personally, but also there is a world of Shunammites out there that are standing in the doorway of their own miracle. All they need is for one of us to prophetically speak, releasing a word of promise, stirring up the spirit realm and voice activating the supernatural in order to make the power of God real. God had given us the power to pray, decree and prophecy for our own breakthrough, but also for others to step across the doorway to embrace their promise.

Let’s open our mouths and activate the doors of the supernatural in this new season.

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