Victory Over Chaos decrees.

by | Jan 20, 2024


I acknowledge and decree that you are the God that triumphs over chaos. You speak into nothing and create something. You turn the void into a place of life and light.. I commit my life to you again this year Lord. Give me clean hands and a pure heart. I repent of every wrong action and attitude. I refuse to allow anything to become an idol, to stand in the way of my personal revival and pursuit of you. Let my lips speak the freedom of truth. I will give myself to prayer, the study of your word and dwell in your presence. I will ascend to the mountain of the Lord in 2024 and will soar with you. In Jesus’ name! Amen.

A Decree for Blessing

Like Obededom I will welcome the presence and power of God into my heart and my home. I will passionately pursue Jesus and receive the Commanded Blessing of the Lord. Because of my love for God, this will be a year of blessing and recovery for me of all that has been stolen by the enemy. I receive Double for my Trouble in finances, health, opportunity, joy, peace and vision by the power of God’s Word and Christ’s sacrifice. My home will honor God and be blessed. My family will experience revival and will be blessed. My generations will fulfill their destiny in Christ. I will walk in peace and have victory over chaos. This will be a Year to Restore in 2024! In Jesus’ Name I decree it!

A Decree of Victory

I open the gate of my heart to the King of Glory. I receive every part of your purpose and plan for my life and choose your ways over my ways. Let your glory saturate every part of my life a I serve you. I decree Jehovah Sabaoth is rising on my behalf. He is the Lord of Angel Armies and He is fighting for me, my family, my finances and my physical health. . I receive my upgraded spiritual weapons and stand in the triumph Christ won over death and will wage war with God’s prophetic word. I align my heart with heaven and will experience victory over chaos through the power of Jesus’ name. Amen


I am opening the double doors over you in this new year. I am releasing new authority and an unshakable faith to you for this new day. My word in your mouth will bring power. Every place of confusion and chaos in your life, is being broken by My power of divine order. This year many things will shake, but in the midst of shaking I will bring order. You are a carrier of divine order. I will release a fullness of time, a time of fulfillment and kairos moments that will cause crooked places to become straighted pathways. I release an anointing for you to see your doors of opportunity, to break you out of your status quo and for your faith to rise to push open closed doors, to speak and see voice activated doors before you. Speak to your finances, speak to your family, speak to your community and watch me open the heavens over you. Raise your expectations for more in 2024!