Join our Global Network and be a part of a community of ministers and churches united by a shared purpose and vision. With CIGN, you’ll have the opportunity to establish relationships based on present truth, guided by the Apostle-Prophet anointing, and held accountable by one another.
We are dedicated to the growth and development of all five-fold ministers, including Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers (Eph. 4:11). Our ultimate goal is to support the church in its journey towards maturity, so that Christ Jesus may return as envisioned in Acts 3:21.

Your journey towards growth, connection, and making a positive impact in the world starts here. Stay tuned for more information, including step-by-step instructions on how to join the CI Global Network.

Our network is an asset to your ministry.

We know that ministry can be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding. CI transforms the challenges into opportunities to reap the rewards. Our goal is to help you grow, learn and expand your ministry’s reach.


You shouldn’t have to walk through ministry alone. You need a support system, and CI can give you just that. Our leaders provide moral support by stepping in wherever you need us. And if you go through something difficult, we will rally around you to help you get through it.


At CI, we understand that ministry is all about relationships, which is why we ensure that you are well connected to the team around you. We don’t do red tape, meaning that if you want to meet with someone at the “top,” you can do just that. There’s no gatekeeping here.


As a member of CI Apostolic Network, you have special access to a key group of leaders within Christian International. This leadership team includes seasoned ministers that have pioneered and pastored churches, operated as itinerant ministers, and impacted cities, states, and nations. Their experience, advice, and impartation will help you launch into a new level of influence and impact.

International Representatives


John and Barbara Burkholder

International Representative



Cliff & Diane Bell