Apostolic Network Benefits

Licensure vs Ordination

CIAN offers two different statuses for ministry leaders, the Licensed Minister and Ordained Minister. The Licensed Minister status is for those pursuing full-time ministry and seeking affiliation with CIAN, providing access to resources and opportunities to connect with other ministry leaders. The Ordained Minister status is for those established in full-time ministry seeking a committed relationship with CIAN, offering official recognition and confirmation of one’s ministry and access to higher levels of leadership. A comparison table can help ministry leaders choose the status that best suits their needs and goals.

Regional CIAN Ministers Meetings
Recognition of fivefold calling and commissioning to launch.
Prophetic presbytery by CIAN Leadership at the time of ordination with full commissioning, activation and release.
501(c)(3) Support
50% Discount on CI produced materials.
Special CIAN Gathering times at Major Conferences
Yearly Prophetic Ministry
FREE Conference Access Yearly
Use of CI Trademark