Apostolic Network FAQ’s

What is the difference between Licensed and Ordained levels of relationship with CIAN?

First, let us assure you that both licensed and ordained ministers are equally considered family and both licensed and ordained ministers are recognized as ministers legally authorized to perform all sacraments. How a minister connects with CIAN is determined by each individual’s current, active ministerial functions.

Ministers will be licensed if they are actively establishing their respective ministry or church, they are functioning part-time as a 5-fold minister (for instance, they likely have a primary occupation outside the church or ministry), they are not fully financially supported by their ministry, or are currently ordained with another organization. It is common for licensed ministers to transition to ordination as their ministry develops.

The ordination level is for those who are functioning as full-time 5-fold ministers, have a well-established ministry or church, and are fully financially supported by their ministry (meaning ministry is their primary, full-time occupation).

Does CIAN allow multiple ordinations from different organizations?

The short answer is no. CIAN believes ministers should connect with one organization where they find their primary accountability and support. However, CIAN will license a minister who wants to connect with Christian International but desire to maintain their primary ordination with a different organization. No matter how you’re related with us, we are committed to equip, empower, serve, and support you.

Does CIAN require academic or theology degrees to be considered for Licensure or Ordination?
No, we do not require a degree for affiliation. Qualifications for licensure or ordination with CIAN are based on independent character references and proven ministry function.
Are there local CIAN leaders that can minister to and assist CIAN ministers?
Yes, we have leadership teams positioned regionally (Regional Leaders) throughout the United States that serve as an extension of Bishop Hamon and the CIAN executive leadership team. We strategically developed these teams to ensure all our ministers can easily connect with leadership and other ministers within their geographic location. Each Regional Leader team hosts regular meetings for ministers in their region to connect, relate, and be refreshed.
Is there a financial commitment to maintain affiliation with CIAN?

Yes. CI believes in the principle of tithes and offerings and expects its network ministers to practice these principles.

We have established different financial commitments based on the qualifications for each level of affiliation.

  • Licensed ministers commit to donate an offering of $50 per month to CIAN.
  • Ordained ministers commit to submit their monthly personal tithe plus an offering of 3-10% of the undesignated receipts of their ministry and/or church.
Does CIAN help in obtaining 501c3 non-profit status?

Yes! Ordained ministers, who meet the requirements and are in good standing with CIAN, are eligible to obtain 501c3 status under Christian International’s network umbrella. This allows a ministry to receive tax-exempt donations and issue tax receipts to their donors.

CIAN will not assist or advise in the forming of corporations or tax filings. If needed, we do have referrals to a law firm and a CPA that has offered to extend special pricing to CIAN network members.

Does CIAN help plant churches?

Not at this time. However, we do have other excellent resources and equipping materials that will build your faith and strengthen your prophetic gifting.