Powerful prayer of impartation from Apostles Tom & Jane Hamon

Receive this powerful prayer of impartation from Apostles Tom & Jane Hamon. This prayer-releasing impartation focuses on imparting the Holy Spirit fresh to you as apostolic and prophetic people. Be empowered to represent God rightly and increase in your prophetic capacity for new revelation and insight. Receive a greater ability to see in the spirit…
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Bishop Bill Hamon: Connecting Generations of Prophets

On May 26, I had the honor of interviewing Bishop Bill Hamon and Elizabeth Tiam-Fook on my livestream, Adventures in Prophecy. Hamon, known as the “pioneer of the modern-day prophetic movement,” has dedicated his life to Connecting Generations of Prophets by teaching, training, and activating countless individuals in the prophetic realm through his work with Christian International….
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Abuse of Power

The abuse of power: Understanding the root of injustice All Injustice is conceived in weak-minded people who abuse their power!  They use their physical or positional power to take from another to satisfy their own narcissistic lust, ego, and wounded soul. Whether it is police brutality, sexual abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, criminality, or any…
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The New Normal

Join Dr. Sharon Stone as she delivers a powerful prophetic message, bringing insight and inspiration to your life. Discover what the ‘new normal’ truly means and how it has altered our world. Learn about the changes that have taken place and what you can expect in the future.